RKR remains fully committed to the health and safety of our employees and the business partners involved.

Nevertheless, we have adapted to the general easing of restrictions to improve business operations and are gradually returning from mobile work / home office to normal operation.

The complete separation of production and administration has also been lifted.

The following measures are still being implemented:

  • Compliance with the minimum distance and hygiene rules
  • Public appointments, team meetings and personal meetings with business partners are largely reduced and, where possible, replaced by conference calls.
  • The RKR crisis team analyzes the situation regularly and adapts, where necessary, the measures to protect our employees and to maintain production.

We wish you, your employees and your families all the best for the time to come.

Stay healthy!

Positive displacement blowers

V = 30 .. 18,900 m³/h,
Δp = - 0.8 .. 1.0 bar

Screw compressors

V = 120 .. 15,000 m³/h,
Δp = - 0.8 .. 10.5 bar

We can offer you standard products. But we can also do a lot more. Regardless of what requirements you may have for blower and compressor systems, everything can be tailored to your requirements and application conditions. Following your specifications, we combine standard elements and individual components like building blocks, to create a balanced overall system. Each element has its own permanent place. We can react flexibly and at the same time reliably to each individual order. After all, we know that innovation goes far beyond optimised products.

Find out more about our performance modules.

Our philosophy

In discussions with our customers and employees, one of RKR's strengths is always emphasised: our holistic understanding of our customers' requirements. Sometimes we're working in familiar territory, while at other times we're getting innovative ideas off the ground – depending on what's required. This flexibility and professional competence is valued by our customers, and forms the basis for our performance promise: "We see the whole picture!" or "Enjoy being understood!".

Become our customer!

For 40 years, our team of over 70 employees has been using its knowledge and experience, as well as the latest resources, to cultivate lasting relationships of trust with our customers. The infrastructure available at our Rinteln site, right in the heart of Europe, provides the ideal conditions for reliable service and solid growth – and thus for sustainable benefits to the customer.

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