Machine design

Your specifications provide us with the basis for determining the right machine type and the ideal design measures for your particular application. RKR specialises in specific industry requirements such as unusual materials, gas compositions, control concepts etc.

Performance data

In the first step, we determine the machine category (positive displacement blower or screw compressor) and machine type on the basis of the performance data required by you:

  • Volume flow or mass flow
  • Intake pressure
  • Intake temperature
  • Relative humidity and
  • Pressure difference

Depending on the machine category (positive displacement blower or screw compressor) and machine type, RKR positive displacement machines operate at up to 0.2 bar absolute in the intake area and at up to 3.5 bar absolute in the single-stage version and 10 bar absolute in the double-stage version.

Positive displacement blowers

V = 30 .. 18,900 m³/h,
Δp = - 0.8 .. 1.0 bar

Screw compressors

V = 120 .. 15,000 m³/h,
Δp = - 0.8 .. 10.5 bar

Conveying medium

To facilitate the design of your machine, we also require the composition of the medium (gas) to be conveyed. The medium conveyed determines the risks with regard to corrosion, deposits, explosion hazard, lifetime of components, lubrication (oil compatibility), health risks from leaks and environmental risks. These risks can be prevented or minimised with targeted design measures.

Installation conditions

To make allowance for the installation conditions during the design stage, we need specifications from you

  • On the installation location (altitude above sea level, temperature and relative humidity)
  • On the type of installation (outdoors, hall, lean-to roof, mobile etc.)
  • On environmental influences (rain, snow, sandstorm, wind, earthquake hazard etc.)
  • On hazards due to a potentially explosive atmosphere (e.g. produced by the machine itself, the system etc.)

Special design measures

Examples of special design measures are

  • Guideline-compliant components (e.g. ATEX, NEMA etc.).
  • Acoustic hoods with porch roof, weather protection, heating etc.
  • Sandstorm version with special filter elements
  • Earthquake-proof designs and components
  • Special measuring technology and instrumentation
  • Acoustic hood and machine room ventilation
  • Etc.

Image gallery: special design measures

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