Secured import to eurasian economic community

The global quality and safety requirements for industrial products are rising increasingly. To persist in the market, certification processes are becoming more important. For the supply of oil-free blower and compressor units in the Eurasian Economic Community RKR has now acquired the TR Certificate for the national Machinery Directive (TR CU 0010/2011) and EMC Directive (TR CU 020/2011).

Certification processes are complex and expensive. However, they can be simplified and accelerated by focusing the company’s expertise and policy consistently on quality and safety-enhancing measures.

RKR could score with the existing certificate for Quality Management conforming to DIN EN ISO 9001. An additional benefit is the competence of RKR project manager Marlen Hillner who has dealt intensively with the topic and caused to her experience could optimally incorporate the certification process in the company. "One challenge was to map the diversity of types of our machines caused by the modular unit concept in the certification process. We wanted to maintain this flexibility, which enables us to provide customized solutions and finally met that challenge. "says Hillner.

As part of an EAC audit with external Russian representatives RKR has now been certified to comply with the national safety requirements of the Eurasian Customs Union. The TR certificate enables RKR to deliver the blower and compressor program in this region.

The certification is valid for 5 years.