ATEX-blowers und -compressors for the EU

The ATEX team forms an explicit panel of experts at RKR to ensure compliance with legal and operational requirements for the manufacturing of blowers and compressors for explosive environments.

For free movement of goods in the European Economic Area the EU determined directives including safety and health-related require-ments for products. The CE label is prescribed by the European Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC) and certifies the compliance of the machine with the product-related European directives. The trade and use of gas blowers and compressors requires the consideration of ATEX directive (2014/34/EU). Already during the quotation phase RKR provide its customers with a qualified team of engineers and technicians, to assure the ATEX-compliance of blowers and compressors in explosive environments.

Before an explosion can occur three elements must be brought together in sufficient amounts - an ignition source, a fuel and oxygen.

Carsten Semmler, ATEX expert at RKR emphasizes, ‘We assure the exclusion of the third factor which might cause an explosion.’ The spectrum of applications in Ex protection areas are diverse and the requirements have to be individually considered for every specific case. On the basis of experience RKR prepared an ATEX document for the self-declaration of the customer who is expert for his application. On this basis and in compliance with the legal requirements RKR develops a customized solution including appropriate measures. These measures are turned into equivalent machine technology in consideration of cost optimization.