Project management at RKR

Our project management ensures both a systematic process and compliance with agreed services for the individual components and the system as a whole.

In the dynamic business environment in which RKR operates, the scale of a project has an enormous impact on logistics, capacities and resources. In the event of peak demands or changes during active projects, bottlenecks can emerge quickly. However, thanks to well-located sites, RKR can respond quickly and flexibly, and counter bottlenecks: its own large open-air site (currently around 5000 m²) and a generously sized tent hall of approx. 1800 m² offer additional space for internal assembly, testing and logistics processes. To ensure the project runs to plan, and agreed services are delivered in coordination with all project participants, RKR relies on innovative, long-standing project-management methods and an accompanying quality assurance system.

High levels of commitment, extensive practical knowledge and the flexibility of our employees are reflected in our ability to overcome exceptional challenges. This success factor is also always highlighted as outstanding in our customer satisfaction surveys.

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