Quality management at RKR

RKR has been a strong partner in international project business for more than 40 years now. Customer requirements and influencing factors have always been subject to change. Competitive pressure, quality standards, requirements for special solutions and service are increasing all the time. RKR responds to this dynamic at all business levels with a continuous optimisation process embedded in a quality management system certified to ISO 9001. This is how RKR secures long-term, trusting customer relationships.

The services that RKR provides to customers are the result of continuous improvements based on the customer's requirements. Quality policy and quality objectives are implemented in all business areas at RKR. The associated quality values and guidelines are set out by management on a regular basis. The quality manager, chosen by management, provides for the implementation of the guidelines in defined processes. The quality management representative also provides regular information about the current status of quality measurement as well as statistical key figures.

RKR on track to achieving sustainability

In times of climate change, scarcity of resources, globalisation and mounting competitive pressure, energy efficiency is more important than ever. With appeals to the notion of energy efficiency, industry and policymakers are calling on energy consumers to achieve optimum energy savings while at the same time securing their energy requirements, thus reducing costs and environmental impact to the necessary minimum.

RKR has developed an energy management system (EnMS) which is subject to continuous improvement and regularly audited acc. to DIN EN 16247.

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