Pneumatic bulk goods transport

A comprehensive pneumatic design

Whether for negative or positive pressure transport, we create comprehensive pneumatic solutions. For our customers, we focus on the safety aspects of protection from explosions and process safety, as well as efficient results.

Based on the technologies of positive displacement blowers and screw compressors, our pneumatic systems are fully designed to deliver maximum customer benefit: the combination of ten basic performance elements - each of which can be scaled from standard to custom-sized - offers flexibility and reliability for various project requirements. For over 40 years, we have been serving the bulk goods sector, including the construction and raw materials industry (e. g. plastics or cement) and the chemical and pharmaceutical or food industry. Our systems perform important functions for storing and transporting bulk goods, for instance in silo ventilation and the pneumatic unloading and loading of storage tanks and transport vehicles.

Designed with efficiency, hygiene and safety in mind

With pneumatic bulk goods transport, a gas is used as the pneumatic transport medium for the material. We combine the guidance of the gases through the machine up to the transition point into your process with the conveying system. Depending on your flow requirements, for example in the context of blown delivery or dense phase conveying, we can provide the ideal system and interface configuration. We meet your demands for process hygiene and reliability thanks to completely oil-free gas conveyance and materials and matching accessories that are tailored precisely to the application. With oil-injected technologies, expensive and maintenance-intensive filter technology for oil separation, as well as the expensive water decontamination process of oil-containing condensate, can result in high operating costs. Our technology, which uses oil-free processes throughout, allows you to make significant savings in comparison and be reassured that no oil will get into your conveying process.

Generally speaking, air in an open or closed system is used as the pneumatic transport medium. Nitrogen is used and is required in the circulation system if a chemical reaction between the bulk goods and oxygen needs to be avoided. With bulk goods that give off gas or dust during pneumatic transport in particular, easily flammable gas mixtures that are harmful to health or the environment can develop in the system. We therefore always advise, plan, build and check taking account of all the relevant safety precautions. If an ex zone is present, system components are provided in the appropriate ATEX design: from the drive system and conveying system to the instruments and accessories.

The interaction of the individual service elements, orchestrated entirely to your needs, always ensures efficient integration of our machine technology into your system.

For your complete satisfaction, we offer more than just technology

To achieve the best possible results for you, we believe that the most important step is in-depth advice and planning. As a result, our solutions are tailored to each individual case, complying with guidelines and designed to satisfy international approval requirements. Our experienced specialist team works constantly to develop intelligent solutions. We also integrate regular and detailed dialogue with our customers regarding the design and production of our machine technology. The technical documentation contains all of the relevant information for your order.

Our experienced customer service team is available worldwide, providing fast and reliable assistance. Our specialists are on hand whenever you need them, with advice, support or practical help. We take care to ensure your machinery operates as efficiently and for as long as possible. After all, as the manufacturer, we know every detail of it. In the case of machine modernisation too, for example for the achievement of ATEX compliance for an existing machine, we provide you with reliable assistance and draw up the technical solution you want.

It is our employees who first and foremost ensure a coherent overall system and a satisfactory outcome. Through many years of relationships with our customers and practical experience, they always know exactly the right thing to do.

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