Process management

The efficiency of our processes is continuously put to the test by the dynamic business environment. The importance of material procurement processes continues to grow. As a system manufacturer and component supplier, we are aware of this challenge in different directions: with respect to our customers and our suppliers.

We achieve higher levels of delivery reliability through the systematic planning of inventory and order items and through immediate placement of orders for items with long lead times in the material procurement process. Complex forecasting methods enable us to plan ahead predictively and ensure reliable delivery even in dynamic project business.

Our reliable network of suppliers provides the basis for the efficiency of our material procurement and subsequent processes. We work exclusively with verified suppliers that meet high quality standards. With a supplier structure that is regional to the greatest extent possible, we keep delivery routes short and can offer our customers "Made in Germany" quality in virtually every case. If 'minor', yet extensive, changes arise – as is common in project business – we are able to engage in dialogue with key suppliers quickly and pragmatically either face to face or in person, or, as is now more commonplace, via online conference calls.

To create transparency in the production process and material flow, we have set up a logistics hub, a collection and nodal point for the handling and centralisation of flows of goods. In this process, goods and pre-assembled modules are always assigned the customer machine names (so-called ITEM groups). This simplifies matters for our customer straight away – indeed, during a preliminary acceptance test the customer confirmed: "This is perfect. We've never seen anything this good before".



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